We believe that the whole customer journey requires consistently superb DIGITAL customer experience.

Success and growth is determined by how a company deals with its customers. It is extremely important for financial institutions to pay attention to their customers’ experience: from initial contact, through the process of engagement into the long-term relationship. The aim is to provide consistently superb quality of services in each stage of the customer journey.


Acquire New Banking Customers With The Power Of Conversation

Botboarding platform enables financial institutions to build onboarding chatbots which are incorporating a human-like way of communication with traditional customer data gathering and user profiling to help banks to acquire new customers in a fast and frictionless way.


Facebook bot

It is Facebook based so it is working on an app that is already installed on your potential customers' phones.


Using Natural Language Processing and rich media content for a novel, yet engaging user experience


Predefined conversation logic for banking products (account, card, loan, investment).


Real time analytics to optimize your bot’s behaviour and to track lead conversions.

Client Acquisition Tool

Onboard your customers with a native tablet tool

Client Acquisition Tool is a tablet native presentation, advisory and client acquisition engine that combines the exclusivity of premium quality printed brochures with the interactivity of customer specific financial planning.


Advanced client engagement by vivid presentations


Instant financial planning simulation and calculators

Client reports

Secure way to access sensitive client reports

Mifid ii compliance

Interactive MiFID test and customer profiling

Client Acquisition Tool
Wealth Management Platform

Get a complete customer view in one system

Wealth Management Platform is a new generation 360 degree advisory, front-to-mid software solution providing essential functionalities with remarkable user experience. Our innovative platform is designed for financial institutions wishing to have an efficient wealth advisory network with enhanced customer engagement, while staying compliant with regulations.

Wealth Management Platform

Financial planner

Financial planner tool with personal goal tracking

Portfolio overlook

Model portfolio management and reports

Everything in one system

Access to all required information in one system

Mifid ii compliance

MiFID 2 compliant advisory workflow

my wealth_logo

Send mass but custom advice and retain your customer

My Wealth enables you to provide mass however custom digital advice to wealthy customers with a modern mobile app ensuring a great user experience (UX). With the usage of the app a higher level of customer retention can be reached.

Customer Mobile app

Instant portfolio access and easy invest function for the customer by a mobile app

Digital advice engine

Ability to send mass however custom digital advice

Instant contact with the client

Clients can talk with a chatbot or request their advisor to take-over the conversation

Goal tracking

Customer investment goal tracking and achievement system are available

My Wealth app

Additional products in the portfolio

Professional trading

ClavisFront electronic trading platform quickly tells you where things are happening that you should pay attention to. Flexible screen layouts with real-time prices..

ClavisExchangeTrader is a multi-market trading solution combining flexible user interface (UI) containing powerful features for real-time market data and electronic...

Retail brokerage

ClavisTrader application gets you and your clients into business straight away. With real time market data and news ClavisTrader is showing you relevant insights by...

ClavisHome online brokerage solution unlocks the door to accurate and comprehensive overview of your clients’ portfolio. The large variety of web based...

Other products

clavis asset

ClavisAsset is a software system optimized to asset and portfolio management of fund management companies and insurance companies. It provides front, risk…

clavis broker

A software system for supporting the back office activities of security distribution for creditor institutes, investment intermediary. The system has a web based branch…

clavis pension

The ClavisPension product supports the daily operation of pension funds with back office, asset management, limit monitoring and risk management functionalities.

clavis bank

The ClavisBank product has treasury functions of full value and the related web-based branch security trading supporting system, it is appropriate for…

clavis factoring

ClavisFactoring integrated software system supports managing and operating activity of companies dealing with continuous pre-financing, purchase and management…

clavis real estate

The ClavisRealEstate system supports back office activity of real estate fund management companies and custody departments controlling real estate funds…

Why choose dorsum



20 years of experience

The company was established in 1996 and since that it has grown from a few employees into an organization with a staff
of 300 for delivering integrated investments IT solutions.


Experienced project team

We have an experienced project team, with team members working at Dorsum almost since the beginning, gaining a lot of experience in multinational and broad projects.


Continuous product innovation

We are delivering solutions based on the trends we monitor and on the knowledge we gathered over the decades. We listen to our customers to create innovative solutions.


Long term support and partnership

We support our clients by offering them unique cooperation throughout the lifecycle of the products, managing expectations in terms of functionality, time and budget.

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