Success and growth is determined by how a company deals with its customers. It’s extremely important for financial institutions to pay attention to their customers’ experience: from initial contact, through the process of engagement into the long-term relationship. We aim to provide superb quality of service, in each stage of the customer journey.

The Wealth Management industry is going through a major shift, due to a world-wide generation change, the emergence of new technologies and the changes in business models (such as cloud based services). Investing for the Y and Z generations will be just as simple and instant as booking a trip online or listening to music.

We bring the world of investing closer to everyone. We’re a stable fiduciary partner for financial institutions in the ever-changing investment industry. We deliver high-quality, service based, easy to integrate, modular investment software solutions, to augment our partners’ operational efficiency and to provide exceptional UX.

Management team

Mariann Mészáros
Chief Executive Officer

Mariann joined Dorsum in 2022 as the company’s new CEO, taking over the group’s operational duties. Mariann comes from the Deutsche Telekom group where she has gained more than 25 years of economic, financial, business and HR management experience. She believes in team leadership through collaboration, and states that “no one should be a leader without empathy”. Her multinational background in management, her professional expertise and her organisational development experience will be of immense added value for Dorsum. In her spare time, she goes horseback riding, she practices Bikram yoga and painting, and spends quality time with friends and loved ones. She is most proud of her family, especially her undergraduate son.

Róbert Kő
Chairman of the Board

Róbert is the co-founder and driving force of Dorsum. Róbert has been the CEO between 2001 and 2022 and he is still actively involved in determining the company’s new product and market strategy both in Hungary and abroad. As a leader, he’s not afraid to take the company in bold new directions that inspire results and contribute to making Dorsum an international leader in the market. When not working, Róbert is happy to spend time with his wife and son and doing sports regularly to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Gábor Lackó
Deputy CEO - CFO, COO

Gábor is a financial professional who has gained experience in the past 15 years in different financial roles both in Hungary and in Scandinavia. He has joined Dorsum as Chief Financial and Operation Officer and is responsible for ensuring smooth financial and operational processes. He spends his free time mainly with his family and three children (a daughter and two sons) but he also likes attending sporting events and concerts.

Miklós Miszkuly
Chief Project Officer

Miklós started his career as a trainee in 2008, after that he was promoted to Project Manager in 2015. He managed the 2 largest projects of the company since then. Currently Miklós is responsible for the company’s project portfolio and project methodology as the company’s CPO. He is married, has two kids (a son and a daughter) and spends his free time with them. He also likes fishing and playing basketball.

Bálint Fischer
Chief Business Development Officer

In 2018 Bálint joined Dorsum as Head of Banking Innovation, responsible for developing new banking and asset management software solutions and digitalisation related research. In January 2019, Bálint became responsible for all wealth management-related innovation and international pre-sales activities of Dorsum as Head of Innovation. From November of 2020 these responsibilities were expanded with leading the Sales, Product design & UX and Marketing departments as well.

Szilvia Kovácsné Szántai
HR Director

Szilvia has been a pillar of the Dorsum HR team since 2006, taking on a prominent role in the creation and smooth implementation of the company’s current HR workflows. Szilvia became the head of the HR team in 2018 and she was promoted to the position of HR director in recognition of her work in 2020. Szilvia spends her free time with her family (her son, her husband, and two dogs), hiking, traveling, and going to the theatre.

Péter Sallai
Chief Technology Officer

Péter was appointed as Chief Technology Officer in January 2019. He is responsible for all of the technical and IT-related processes of the company both regarding the new product development and existing support-related development projects. He spends his free time with his family and four daughters but also likes long-distance cycling around lake Balaton.

Magdolna Pánczél
Country Manager

Magdi works in Dorsum since the Romanian subsidiary establishment in 2006. She leads the Romanian subsidiary since 2012, and some years later, in 2017 she took over the responsibility for the Bulgarian subsidiary too.

Our values

2021 - Subsidiary established in Warsaw, Poland
2021 - International recognition: Wealthbriefing Europe “Finalist” for Dorsum’s Securities Clearing product
2021 - Dorsum’s first client in the UK is Sarasin & Partners
2020 - Dorsum’s business expertise reaches new heights with the launch of our Business Consulting branch
2020 - International recognition: FinovateEurope “Best of Show” win for Dorsum’s Wealth Connect product
2019 - BNP Paribas in Poland partnered with Dorsum for a Wealth Platform solution
2019 - International recognition: FinovateEurope “Best of Show” win for Dorsum’s Wealth Platform product
2018 - The launch of the client-facing Wealth Portal mobile and web application
2017 - International recognition: FinovateEurope “Best of Show” win for Dorsum’s Botboarding chatbot solution
2017 - International recognition: Financial Innovations Award “Best Technology Vendor” win for Dorsum
2016 - Winning a Raiffeisen International Bank tender for implementing the Wealth Platform in 5 countries
2014 - Dorsum’s wealth management product portfolio is announced with intentions of conquering international markets
2012 - Mobile technology and application development starts for Android, iPhone, and iPad
2006 - Subsidiary established in Bucharest, Romania
2005 - A solid foundation is established in the Hungarian market by delivering systems for OTP, MKB, CIB banks
2004 - Subsidiary established in Sofia, Bulgaria
2000 - A tenfold increase in the company’s staff number
1999 - First significant tender win with the Hungarian State Treasury
1997 - Clavis Securities core system is deployed at two banks and a brokerage firm
1996 - The foundation of Dorsum. The company’s goal is to facilitate the digital transformation of the investment industry
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Dorsum is proud to benefit from the European Commission’s Brexit Adjusment Reserve.
Learn more about our project aimed at aligning our Wealth Management Suite to the UK market. (Hungarian content)