Ready-to-use client portal modules for custom solutions

Our proven four-step implementation
process ensures 100% successful


We start the project with a 4-6 week feasibility study to make sure we understand the client need and ensure that we can deliver on those needs on time, in line with unique requirements.


With 25+ years in WealthTech we draw on the experience of our experts and our pre-configured modules to build the foundations of a new project.


We combine the pre-configured modules and develop the additional elements unique to the project which are needed to fulfill the agreed-upon project requirements.


80+ clients in 10 countries and hundreds of projects have proven our track record of delivering successfully, thanks to these 4 steps in our methodology for success.


by the best across Europe
Gábor Kónya, Product Manager - Wealth Portal; Dorsum
"For Sarasin & Partners the main goal was to provide a cutting-edge Client Portal for their affluent clientele, enabling the wealth manager to become a market leader in digital services offered to their clients."
Renata Stein, International Sales Director; Dorsum
"The Sarasin Client Portal project is a gift that keeps on giving. Not only were we able to satisfy the client's needs and deliver on their requirements, we were also able to take the Portal and show it off as an example of digital transformation, garnering numerous award nominations in the process."
Magdolna Pánczél, Country Manager; Dorsum
Citibank Europe plc, Bulgaria Branch – takes full advantage of the custody features of our Securities Bank product such as account definitions, custody client position keeping, pre-matching workflow, SWIFT messaging and settlement instructions/confirmations processing, post-trade reconciliations and local CSD integration.
Emilia Jakubiak, Director of Brokerage House, BNP Paribas Bank Polska
“With the current level of digitalization of the industry it’s not enough to focus on the client facing platforms, but it’s also important to give the bank’s RMs a highly advanced and ergonomic digital platform for their everyday work.” 
Gábor Szabó, Project Portfolio Manager; Dorsum
“For BNP Paribas Bank Polska the main goal was to provide a platform that covers the full advisory process of the Private and Premium client segment as well. In addition the system provides a full 360 degree advisory view of client wealth for investments and non-investment too.”
Bálint Kummer, Clavis Product Management Team Lead; Dorsum
"We are currently working in conjunction with ERSTE Bank in building up a blue-ribbon Custody Service for their international network. Dorsum is providing its exhaustive market experience and state of the art technology to place ERSTE Bank at the Head of the Market."
Anita Kövesdi, Business Architect; Dorsum
"Our modular solution specialised in securities market services fits into the exiting back office system of the Bank and provides a comprehensive solution for the automated, STP management of securities settlement, corporate event management and reconciliation tasks, taking into account the requirements of EU directives."
Markus Plank, Head of Premium & Private Banking; Raiffeisen Bank Intl.​
“We found the best team in size, knowledge and engagement in Dorsum for fulfilling our needs and we chose them because we have seen their dedication and quality of work they invested in the creation of their products.” ​
Norbert Faluközi, Team Lead, Wealth Management Products Dept., Dorsum
"Delivering the Wealth Platform to multiple Raiffeisen subsidiaries is a continuous challenge as we have to adapt to local specifics. Our software is able to accommodate such differences through parameterization."
Edina Bornemissza, Project Manager, Dorsum
For Wiener Boerse, the main goal with the “CEE Trader” solution was to provide a cutting-edge trading terminal for its stock-exchange members. In cooperation with Infront we delivered the combination of an internationally proven trader user interface with locally integrated and customized, FIX capable trader server components.
László Sziráki, Head of Multi-channel & CRM; CIB Bank
Dorsum’s capital market digitalisation knowledge helped us validate our concept. The project’s insights enabled us to create the decision-making material necessary to kickstart a large-scale system roll-out project with major business impact.
György Somogyi, Deputy Director of Business Development; Dorsum
"We created a detailed digital solution concept from scratch, which helps CIB Bank achieve its business goals by taking advantage of an untapped market opportunity in the financial sector."
Imre Fónai, Head of Digital Channels at K&H Group
Wealth Portal product / “With Dorsum’s Client Portal ​solution, not only does the customer relationship become better, but the customer engagement shifts to a higher level. Our clients can really get involved personally in seeing how their wealth develops.”
Mátyás Sinkai, Senior Innovation Consultant
Business Consulting project / "Relying on the knowledge of our investment services back-office experts, we created a highly automated to-be cross-border transaction process that allows K&H Bank to fully exploit the potential of the SWIFT system."

Rating and reviews from our latest implemented project

The new portal is a giant leap forward over the legacy one. It's great to have a dedicated mobile app. Good work.
We’ve just been playing around with the new portal, and we love it!
...suffice to say I'm very impressed with the portal from usability, stability, experience, ease of setup, and informational point of view.
Total AUM in Dorsum’s systems
£250 billion+

Your benefit

We're giving wealth managers across Europe the competitive edge they need to stay one step ahead with their digital client services.
Our client portal is THE one-stop-shop for all digital wealth management needs of a modern, HNW investor. Our solution is available on-premise or in the cloud with integrated and non-integrated versions.
More information in the hand of your clients mean less valuable advisory time spent on answering repetitive enquiries. Paperless automated processes contribute to eliminating frivolous admin tasks.
Building a community from your clients ensures long-term loyalty and attachment. We have 2-way communication features as well as a newsfeed option to provide a sense of belonging to your clients.
Easy-to-understand and easy-to-use screens with detailed educational content promotes discussion on impact investing and sustainability between relationship managers and clients.

Modular architecture

Our client portal is built with pick-and-choose modules to cater to specific needs and provide the features that You need specifically.
  • Onboarding
  • Digital advisory
  • Portfolio overview
  • ESG reporting
  • Self-service trading
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Communication
  • Financial planning

Onboard your prospects within the Portal with minimal effort on your part

  • End-to-end digital onboarding 
  • Pre-client portal with an easy-to-use interface that guides users through the entire process 
  • Self-service and advisor-assisted workflows 
  • Document sharing and communication capabilities keep you in touch with clients 
  • Content sharing capabilities offer a glimpse into the complete portal experience 
  • Vendor-agnostic third-party integrations for ID&V, Bank account verification and E-signature – pre-integrated solutions from market leading providers or your partners of choice 
Digital advisory


  • Complete authentication engine that is penetration tested by Ernst & Young and Intertek NTA 
  • Possibility to integrate with your own authentication solution 
  • Biometric authentication capabilites in the mobile version 


  • Shop window into the portal’s functionality 
  • Display crucial information neatly using compact widgets 
  • Access to the most important functionalities directly from the Dashboard 
  • Customisation options for end-users 
Portfolio overview

A complete 360° view of your clients’ investments in the palm of their hands.


  • Detailed breakdown of all portfolios & assets 
  • Show composition along any dimension you have data for (sector, region, currency, theme etc.) 
  • Look-through capability 
  • Compare current portfolio to strategic target allocation 
  • Detailed security page with historic price charts 


  • Performance reports with user-defined timeframes 
  • Compare performance to benchmark or long-term target return 
  • Visual display of portfolio performance including comparisons to multiple peer groups / indices 
ESG reporting

Modern investors demand transparency with respect to the impact of their investments. Provide that transparency with ESG reporting capabilities. 

  • Use your own ESG data or take advantage of trusted 3rd party data providers through Dorsum 
  • Deliver a clean and simple presentation of basic ESG metrics 
  • Visualise ESG allocation of client portfolios with drill-down possibilities 
  • Add in-depth ESG analysis to any product page 
  • Share tutorial videos and other educational content 
  • Provide transparency by displaying voting information and history 
Self-service trading

Provide your clients access to stocks, bonds, funds and more. 

  • Comprehensive trading capabilities 
  • Display market information such as price charts and order books 
  • Quick actions for the most frequently used features: buy/sell instruments, set up price alerts or mark products as favourites 
  • Define Top Picks to be highlighted on the top of the trading page (Equities, Funds & ETFs) 
  • Provide live market prices through real-time data feeds from exchanges 
  • Manage subscriptions to real-time market data within the application 
Risk & Compliance

Appropriateness and risk assessment  

  • Show investment profiles and administer appropriateness tests and MiFID questionnaires 
  • Renew tests without making any changes to the previous results
  • Automatically remind users about tests that are close to expiration 
  • Display a detailed overview of the user’s portfolio risk level 
  • Connect any MiFID or appropriateness master system 

Suitability reviews 

  • Administer initial and ongoing suitability reviews through Wealth Portal 
  • Meet and evidence multiple Consumer Duty (UK) requirements 
  • From completely self-service to advisor-assisted, adapt the flow to your clients’ needs 

User side 

  • Available 24/7 
  • Secure messaging between advisors and clients 
  • Push notifications with historical overview 

Admin side 

  • 2-way real-time client engagement, respond when convenient 
  • Send personalised content 
  • Group notification capabilities 
  • Automated elements 

Integrated document management 

  • Advisors can upload documents for their clients 
  • Categorised and always available 
  • Search and filter options  

Integration and architecture

We are the kings and queens of integrations having integrated to
hundreds and hundreds of core banking and other systems over 25+ years
Nr.of system integrations
200 +
Published APIs
5,000 +
API calls per day
20,000,000 +

High-level architecture

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