Dorsum at the Portfolio Future of Finance Conference 2023

Dorsum has participated in the Portfolio Future of Finance 2023 conference. This conference provides a great opportunity for the most important players in the financing, insurance and asset management industries, as well as the IT sector and the payment processing industry to meet and talk.

We had the opportunity to speak about our award-winning ESG reporting solution, presented by Ákos Szalay, head of Wealth Portal and head of product development team. It was a great success here as well, thank you for everyone who listened to it!

The ESG reporting module is part of our wealth management and investment client portal, the Wealth Portal our flagship product in Western European markets, which also allowed us to acquire our first UK client. 

To learn more about our Wealth Portal, click here!

To learn more about our ESG solutions, including ESG portfolio creation and rebalancing, download our overview deck here: Dorsum’s ESG Integration Modules

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Dorsum is proud to benefit from the European Commission’s Brexit Adjusment Reserve.
Learn more about our project aimed at aligning our Wealth Management Suite to the UK market. (Hungarian content)