remote services white paper dorsum
remote services white paper dorsum
remote services white paper dorsum

Download our White Paper: Remote services in wealth management – 5 essential areas to focus on in an isolated, digital only world

In our new paper we examined the necessity of having to offer traditional services remotely, focusing on five key elements of digitization in a remote service world.


Between 2008 and 2018, the number of branches decreased by 27%

In 2019 85% of over 15,000 global business confirmed that greater location flexibility lead to an increase in productivity

49% of those questioned indicate that messaging and communication abilities are the most important features provided by wealth management app

Blockbuster video valued at $8.4 billion at its height, Netflix at $65

By 2019, 5.11 billion people had mobiles, with Americans spending more than 5 hours of their day on the device

The 150% growth rate of UK neobanks outpaces the 2% and 1% growth of challenger banks and incumbent respectively

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