Millennials are the key to the Mass Affluent segment in CEE

There is a lot of talk about Millennials, their global asset pool of $19 trillion will reach $24 trillion by 2020. They are clearly your future clients. But how are they influencing the bulk of your current client base? Download our White Paper to find out!

The Mass Affluent are the most diverse group Wealth Managers had to face. According to Merrill Edge, the Mass Affluent are retired professionals who want to preserve their wealth, people about to retire, established professional on the top of their careers and young professionals working in highly profitable and fast growing industries, with ideas of their own. In CEE, The Mass Affluent are often called the Premium Banking segment and are those with liquid assets of between €20 and €80 thousand. We advise that to get to this segment, you should master the needs and investment practices of the Affluent Millennials.

Download our White Paper on why Millennials are key to the Mass Affluent segment in CEE to reap the benefits of meeting this challenge prepared

Join us at our webinar at 10am on the 14th of October where we will cover the topic of the Mass Affluent and the challenges serving them in CEE!

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