Wealth Management Platform offers solution for all the needs of an advisory network. It is a front-to-mid software which integrates every functionality in one system with high level of user experience. It provides controlling, analysing, monitoring and enables efficient advisory network with strong customer engagement while staying regulatory compliant.

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The software meets the newest banking regulatory requirements.


With the dashboard technology all information can be seen within a blink of an eye.


It integrates every asset of the clients in only one system and allows an efficient workflow.


It provides a 360° portfolio overview and has a crystal clear and responsive surface for enhanced UX.

Main advantages

  • Portfolio reports: Market value, cash-flow, analysis composition, exposure, yield, P/L
  • Model portfolio management and rebalancing of portfolios
  • Daily automatic portfolio evaluation (market value, P/L, yield)
  • Multi-asset class, multi-portfolio and multi-currency support
  • Overall dashboards (MIS, heat maps and advisor view)
  • Alert engine
  • Customer reporting & family views
  • Real-time or delayed market overview, charts
  • Responsive web technology with clear GUI
  • Increased advisor productivity: access to all required information in one system with a few clicks
  • MiFID 2 compliant advisory workflow and meeting minutes
  • Advanced ad-hoc or scheduled client reports
  • Ensure continuous risk assessment for customers
  • Fast integration with APIs and data validation engine to any legacy sources
  • Optional client access available on mobile and tablet devices even from 3rd party internet bank
  • Define and track the network’s KPIs: AUM, income and client number, model conformity
  • Financial planner tool with personal goal tracking

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How to integrate?

Dorsum’s Wealth Management Platform is a core system with a 360° portfolio overlook which can be integrated into the existing banking systems like the core banking, card, brokerage, back office systems thanks to the multiple API it supports. Moreover it uses market data and a client portal can be also easily added to it.

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20 years of experience

The company was established in 1996 and since that it has grown from a few employees into an organization with a staff
of 300 for delivering integrated investments IT solutions.

Experienced project team

We have an experienced project team, with team members working at Dorsum almost since the beginning, gaining a lot of experience in multinational and broad projects.

Continuous product innovation

We are delivering solutions based on the trends we monitor and on the knowledge we gathered over the decades. We listen to our customers to create innovative solutions.

Long term support and partnership

We support our clients by offering them unique cooperation throughout the lifecycle of the products, managing expectations in terms of functionality, time and budget.

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