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My Wealth is a brand new, Wealth Management mobile app which serves the needs of the upcoming new generation of customers. It enables the customers to understand the composition of their portfolio and how it changed over the past. It creates a never before seen seamless communication platform between the customer and the advisor. It allows customers to review their portfolio and easy invest within a few taps. It has an emphasis on the education of the customers with the help of the gamification elements and the education marketplace toolkit.

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The usage of an app will result better customer retention rates.


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It allows to reach and serve the mass affluent segment easily.


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Financial planning and goal setting can be available for the millennial clients.


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It enables to send custom advice to a huge amount of people simultaneously.

Main advantages

  • A wealth management mobile app for your customers
  • Ability to send mass however custom digital advice
  • Instant portfolio access at any time and from anywhere (iOS, Android)
  • Investment goals tracking
  • Customer behavior tracking, personalized UX
  • Intelligent advice engine for different advice types
  • There is an easy-to-use admin platform, where advisors can handle the messages
  • Increases client engagement with a proactive approach
  • Integrated chatbot or real time advisor chat
  • Enables immediate reaction to market events
  • Fingerprint recognition for transaction approvals
  • Live interaction possibilities with the advisor: initiate appointment, call or chat
  • Gamified achievement system throughout customer lifetime
  • Scenario analysis with various macroeconomic events and political circumstances

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How to integrate?

Dorsum’s My Wealth can be integrated into any kind of wealth management platforms and systems. Our solution is an app for the customer, but advisors can also benefit from the usage of the app as they can be in touch with a much wider customer base and send personalized advices to them.

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Why we think that this
product is the best for you?

Why we think that this product is outstanding?

Róbert Kő
Dorsum Co. Ltd. CEO

Our exceptional solution merges with the traditional advisory and the digital advisory process into a hybrid model. Our software meets the digital expectations of the younger generation, ready to fight with robo disruptors and boost performance of personal financial advisors.

Our achievements

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Why choose dorsum



20 years of experience

The company was established in 1996 and since that it has grown from a few employees into an organization with a staff
of 300 for delivering integrated investments IT solutions.


Experienced project team

We have an experienced project team, with team members working at Dorsum almost since the beginning, gaining a lot of experience in multinational and broad projects.


Continuous product innovation

We are delivering solutions based on the trends we monitor and on the knowledge we gathered over the decades. We listen to our customers to create innovative solutions.


Long term support and partnership

We support our clients by offering them unique cooperation throughout the lifecycle of the products, managing expectations in terms of functionality, time and budget.

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