Dorsum white paper on Building your future wealth management ecosystem

dorsum white paper

At Dorsum, future-oriented thinking has always been a key principle. With our bi-annual white papers, we are constantly working on monitoring current and potential future trends in terms of digitalization of the investment and wealth management domain and providing an overview on which way this market is headed. We believe our client should be effortlessly kept up to date on the recent developments and prospects on the market, and we see these publications as an ideal way to do so.

At the middle of last year, we published our white paper, How today’s innovations should infiltrate your investment app, on how banks and wealth management providers can make sure they provide the best possible functions and solutions in their client facing mobile app.

This year, we decided to look at the bigger picture, as we have found that the industry is inevitably speeding closer and closer to a significant turning point. Although we have traditionally seen a lag in adoption of technology in the wealth management and investment sector, the time of composure is rapidly coming to an end for incumbents. Those not willing to expend time and resources on a digitally driven transformation will certainly face excessive clientele loss over the coming years.

The current service model of investment and wealth management providers is outdated – and the time is perfect for them to start building investment ecosystems which will be able to provide a ground to their investment services at least for the next 10 years. Our two-part white paper series aims to help traditional banks, wealth management providers, family offices and practically any company offering investment services in their transformation and preparation for a future run by the technological mindset of the Millennial generation.

Writing the new two-volume white paper, Building your future wealth management solution, also gave us the opportunity to learn more about the industry and its newest trends. It was also great pleasure to receive confirmation that our products are in line with the tendencies of our market and we are able to serve our clients with the most suitable solutions. Download our white paper and learn more about the trends and the ways firms can prepare for the future of the wealth management industry.

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20 years of experience ikon
The company was established in 1996 and since that it has grown from a few employees into an organization with a staff of 300 for delivering integrated investments IT solutions.
Experienced project team ikon
We have an experienced project team, with team members working at Dorsum almost since the beginning, gaining a lot of experience in multinational and broad projects.
Continuous product innovation ikon
We are delivering solutions based on the trends we monitor and on the knowledge we gathered over the decades. We listen to our customers to create innovative solutions.
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We support our clients by offering them unique cooperation throughout the lifecycle of the products, managing expectations in terms of functionality, time and budget.


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