One month, three Owen James conferences

This November has been filled with many exciting Owen James events. We had the opportunity to participate in three different ones, two in London and one in Zürich. Dorsum was represented at these conferences by Bálint Fischer (Chief Business Development Officer), Éva Adravetz-Kadocsa (Head of International Sales), Gergely Csorba (Head of Marketing), György Somogyi (Deputy Director of Business Development) and Ádám Fáth (Senior Business Development Manager).

Peak-conference month started in London at Owen James’ WealthTech Matters, where we held a 10-minute Tech Talk about finding simplicity in wealth management. Being surrounded by smart people and engaging in intelligent conversations about the state of our industry, its challenges, and innovative solutions was invigorating. Also the feedback on our presentation was fantastic.

Then we headed to Zürich, for the Swiss edition of WealthTech Matters. We had the opportunity to meet esteemed market representatives and our Senior Business Development Manager, Ádám Fáth delivered an entertaining, but informative presentation on the ups and downs of portfolio chart design.

For closing the month we went back to London again, where we had the privilege to spend a buzzing and vibrant day at another Owen James conference: “A Meeting of Minds Advisory Distributors“. Our team took the lead in a great and dynamic roundtable discussion around the future of Onboarding process in wealth management. It was an honour to openly discuss how key industry leaders see their current onboarding processes and where they see key, technology-driven improvement areas in the future.

Thank you for having us, we can’t wait to see what 2024 will bring.

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