New Dorsum offices in the UK and in Switzerland

Dorsum’s Switzerland and UK offices are officially open!

We have been present in both markets for years now, therefore, it became essential for us to establish local offices.

In the UK, there were no questions about the location, it was clear that it had to be London. The office will serve as the base of operations for our managers in the city, as it sits in the middle of the CBD (London’s Central Business District), just a couple of steps from the Gherkin. In Switzerland, we chose Zurich for our office, to be able to reach all Swiss regions easily.

Having a local office is of paramount importance as it establishes our tangible presence in the community, allowing us to understand and cater to the unique needs and preferences of the local market, and enabling us to tailor our products or services accordingly. This proximity also enhances customer engagement, as face-to-face interactions are essential in our business. Moreover, it facilitates quicker response times to market changes, emerging trends, or issues specific to the region.

These offices will be our hub for networking, partnerships, and collaborations with other local market players. In essence, these investments are the next step in strengthening our ties with the wealth manager community in the UK and Switzerland. 

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Dorsum is proud to benefit from the European Commission’s Brexit Adjusment Reserve.
Learn more about our project aimed at aligning our Wealth Management Suite to the UK market. (Hungarian content)