Dorsum at EMUS Forum 2023

We participated in the EMUS Forum 2023 in Zürich. The aim of the meeting is mutual networking and support of entrepreneurs/companies who already have business in Switzerland or planning to expand to the Swiss market from the V4 countries.

The meeting offers the opportunity to meet diplomatic leaders and representatives of chambers of commerce and the opportunity to present ourselves and our company in this context. The event is organized by the Czech Club Zürich, an established organization for education and culture, in cooperation with and under the patronage of S.E. Ferdinand Bardoly-Küzmös, the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Zurich.

Here are some words about the event by our representative, Ádám Fáth Senior Business Development Manager:

Had a fantastic time at the recent networking event organized by the Czech Club Zürich in collaboration with Ferdinand B. Bardoly-Küzmös, the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Zurich!

It was a great opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and companies from the V4 countries, all with an interest in the Swiss market. Meeting diplomatic leaders and chamber of commerce representatives added immense value to the event. The atmosphere was delightful, and I enjoyed the Czech beer, Hungarian wine, and the live concert. Plus, the chance to showcase my company on the EMUS Forum platform was a fantastic bonus. Networking and learning from like-minded professionals is always inspiring.

Looking forward to more such events!

Photos by @KaterinaSedy

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