Get a head start on Consumer Duty With Dorsum’s Wealth Portal

In the UK, through Consumer Duty, the FCA requires firms to consider the needs, characteristics and objectives of their customers, as well as their behaviour at every stage of the customer journey, with an emphasis on vulnerable customers. In addition to acting to deliver good outcomes for customers, firms will also be expected to
understand and evidence whether those outcomes are met, and the FCA will take a more data-led approach in their supervision.

With Wealth Portal, Dorsum’s wealth management client portal, you are well positioned to meet the requirements of the FCA across the ‘four outcomes’ element of the Consumer Duty. Wealth Portal helps you deliver good outcomes by acting as a channel for timely, appropriate and relevant information, communication and related services for customers. It is also invaluable in evidencing those outcomes by providing an audit trail of all information and communication.

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