Just before Christmas, we held our second Dorsum community program. With the help of 35 hard-working colleagues and the Budapest Bike Maffia, we managed to distribute hundreds of sandwiches to those in need.

  • We made 400+ sandwiches, exceeding our set goal of 300
  • We used a total of 40 kg of bread, 20 kg of cold cuts, 10+ kg of vegetables and 10 kg of margarine
  • More than 35 people were involved in the preparation in some form (some also helped with the procurement, organization, assembling and delivery of the sandwiches)
  • The sandwiches were put together in a little over an hour (according to the Budapest Bike Maffia, this only very experienced and well-organized teams manage to be this fast 😉)

We will continue with our CSR actions throughout the new year, stay tuned for further news. 😊

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