The importance of client portals for enhanced service and business growth

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What does a successful portal implementation look like in 2022?

Owen James and Dorsum brought together COOs, CEOs, and leading consultancy management firms from the UK wealth management market to discuss how wealth managers and private banks can successfully implement a digital client portal. The objective was to go through the main benefits, discuss the challenges, and see a ‘real life’ example through Dorsum’s client portal project with Sarasin & Partners; how a portal can help grow business, and what the most important factors are with implementation. Our white paper highlights the most important learnings and experiences that the participants brought into the discussion.

Here are some of our key findings:

  • The three main purposes of these portals are the display of portfolio analytics (92%), document sharing (62%), and digital communication (54%).
  • The main challenges of client portal creation are the complexity of data scattered across numerous systems (54%), and the quality of data (54%).
  • In terms of the future of portals, 92% want to focus on improving client engagement, 38% want to drive self-service, and 31% aim to reach a younger/wider audience.

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