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The IVSZ – Association for the Digital Economy has been awarding excellence in the Hungarian market since 1997. The Tibor Gyurós award has been handed out to professionals and companies who have done exceptional work in the industry since 2001. This year, the awards were presented for the twenty-second time, and the ceremony took place at the MENTA conference in Siófok.

Gyula Csorba, the Chief Strategic Director and Deputy CEO of Dorsum Co. Ltd., was honored to receive the Manager of the Year award this year.

Gyula Csorba has participated in the growth of Dorsum Co. Ltd. in several roles during the last 20 years, without him Dorsum could not be where it is today. According to Gyula’s ars poetica:

“Professionals working in IT are ‘rock stars’. They are creative, they like to have their imagination unleashed, they want to create and they strive for professionalism, often at the expense of deadlines. However, IT has become an integral part of the global economy and everyday life, so it also needs to be efficient and delivered on time. For value creation however, the important ingredient is not the raw materials and machines, but the knowledge and the work of the people behind them.

A good IT leader creates structures and processes that ensure the freedom of creative people, but within a framework that enables them to effectively achieve their goals. The goal is not perfection, but to create innovative IT solutions that can be put into practice. This requires structured thinking as well as a good sense of understanding people’s strengths. Efforts should be made to develop practical, tangible, transparent processes in which the creative person remains at the center. Global IT trends are constantly changing, which means that we have to reposition our operations over again and again. As senior managers, therefore,  we must not only be flexible, open to change, but it is also important to train and integrate people in the middle management layer who can support continuous change and enforce the management team’s strategic decisions in their own areas.

To sum it all up, the secret to the success of a good IT leader is structured thinking and people-centered leadership.”

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