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Our Botboarding platform has been awarded Best of Show at FinovateEurope 2017 in London on the 8th of February.

Budapest – Hungary. February 8th, 2017 – Dorsum Co. Ltd. CEE market leader in investment software vendor announced today that the company’s brand new Botboarding platform has been awarded Best of Show at FinovateEurope 2017. This recognition is a great milestone in the life of Dorsum because we have been selected from 400 companies as a Finovate Presenter and finally proved to be one of the best out of 72 presenters.

Botboarding platform

The award recognizes Dorsum’s Botboarding as a sophisticated platform that grants outstanding technology to financial and banking organizations to create chatbots for selling any of their financial products. Dorsum is continuously looking for new ways how to serve the need of its clients and deliver effective solutions for their demands. Based on our latest research and many discussions with our existing and future clients currently the greatest challenge is customer acquisition. Answering to this challenge we made Botboarding platform which allows financial companies to build onboarding chatbots which incorporate a human-like way of communication with traditional customer data gathering and user profiling to help banks to acquire new customers in a fast and frictionless way. Currently our solution is available on Facebook Messenger (which has 1 billion of daily active users) but we are planning to extent our development to other platforms. Since chatting is the number one smartphone activity and people do like chatting with businesses, we are committed our solution will help banks to reach their future clients easier than ever before.

“This is not just an award but the „Oscar Award” of FinTech. Congratulations to the team! This is not only a great achievement but also an unbelievable result. The award can provide a significant boost for Dorsum’s international recognition and help us make our software solution well known all over the world.”  said Mr. Imre Rokob, Business Development Director of Dorsum Co. Ltd. “With Dorsum’s new Botboarding platform a financial organization can reach millions of new customers, convert leads to clients with ultra-high rate, use the power of artificial intelligence and finally get their own bot as a service in weeks.” – closes his thoughts Mr Rokob.

“Congratulations to Dorsum, well done! We are always happy to see “first come – first win” companies at Finovate. Dorsum’s engaging style made it easy for the audience to stay invested, and their messaging around how their technology will help financial institutions improve their customer acquisition clearly resonated with the audience.” – said Eric Mattson, CEO, Finovate.

“I am so impressed that we have been awarded Best of Show at FinovateEurope 2017. Congratulations to the team! This award is a true recognition of our innovation endeavour. I am absolutely sure that Dorsum’s 20 years of experience and our recently launched technology will help financial institutions to make their onboarding process truly frictionless and they can acquire customers in a much easier way than ever imagined.” – said Mr. Róbert Kő, CEO of Dorsum Co. Ltd.

During the show Imre Rokob – Business Development Director, Renata Stein – Business Development Consultant and Peter Sallai – Head of Mobile Development gave live presentation about our demo chatbot DAISY and our Botboarding platform on which DAISY was built. They showed the process how easy it is to profile a customer for a banking product through a simple chat, then what happened with the prospect customer. They revealed the powerful underlying engine of the Botboarding platform that provides an overall dashboard and the available analytics, tools such as A/B testing for better performance and live screen where online customers can be seen moving through the profiling process. The Botboarding platform has Artificial Intelligence feature which helps to reduce churn ratio and the built-in CRM API-s help to transfer all gathered information easily into the financial organization’s core system.


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