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Dorsum Ltd was awarded for HUF 188,6 million non-refundable with a grant through the New Széchenyi Plan, “Supporting market-oriented research and developement activites in the Region of Central Hungary” tender for the project “Methodology and pilot desktop applications platform-independent porting to tablet”. The HUF 240 million project is realized by the grant of Research and Technology Innovative Fund.


It’s an assumption that every desktop application can be adapted to tablet. Due to this our Research and Development projects has been started 1,5 years ago, which aimed to explore whether our desktop business applications can be adapted to useful tablet applications keeping the functionality to avoid the reduction of user experience and take advantage of special features of tablets.

During the research next to the extensive information retrieval own psychological analyzes were conducted. Our prototype operation was determined by multi-circuit focus group testing and based on the significant amount of professional materials we have made summarizing methodology and planning statements. These were taken into consideration in the future prototype development.

In the development stage next to the research results we have planned the applications taking into consideration the specific market needs, which have been developed on iOS and Android operating systems. Taking into account the original objectives we have measured continuously the results of development and have made focus group testing.

The success of the project reflects the fact that the prototype can be used well as the base point of our product development and sales projects in the future. Currently we are working on the design of market appearance and transforming prototypes into real products.

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