How digital innovations revolutionized Investment Services over the last decades

The wealth management and investment industry is experiencing an unprecedented level of change. Looking back to the last twenty years, Dorsum is proud that it could play a role in the continuous evolution of finance and investment. For this white paper we gathered all our knowledge and experience about this two decades of innovation and how Dorsum was involved in it, together with a sneak peek into the future of innovations.

With information technologies, financial evolution gained speed in the last 20 years giving rise to the digital FinTech era. When thinking about financial trends, the question has to be not whether we should involve more or less technology, but rather of which type. Financial innovations like online investment, peer-to-peer lending or robo-advisors suggest revolutionary changes in finance.

If you would like to learn more download our White Paper on How digital innovations revolutionized investment services over the last decades to reap the benefits of our industry summary!

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