Zoltán Komáromi

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Zoltán focuses on growth, developing more sophisticated policies and procedures internally. Leading up to his position as an expert at Dorsum in 1998, he earlier held an international security clearing position at Rabobank.

Throughout his career with us, his areas of expertise have expanded to include customer relationship and project sponsor tasks with Volksbank, ING and MKB Bank, and earned him the trust of the founders to become Support Director in 2006 until he assumed his current role in 2012.

He places great emphasis on human relations, believes that happy staff – just like satisfied customers – reward the attention. Encourages employees to adopt a healthy work-life balance; he never loses his balance, especially not when freefalling for leisure as a parachutist. He is a problem solver by nature, he sees a positive potential in every situation.

Life has taught me to believe more and more that nothing is impossible.

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