Róbert is the co-founder and driving force of Dorsum. He has been CEO since 2001, managing a team of 150 people and making a reputation for Dorsum as being the lead provider of financial software solutions.

During the first five years of the company, Róbert oversaw the various Clavis implementation projects for the major financial players in Hungary. Since 2009, in addition to his CEO role, he has also worked as professional supervisor of the sales area, keeping close and regular contact with current and prospective clients and partners.

Róbert, has an appetite for great ideas and breakthrough thinking, therefore he is actively involved in determining new strategic products and markets both in Hungary and abroad. As a leader, he shapes and communicates daring new directions that inspire results and contribute to making Dorsum an international leader in the market of financial software solutions.

When not working, Róbert is happy spending time with his wife and small son, and doing sports on a regular basis to maintain a healthy body and mind.

My goal is to make Dorsum an international leader in the market for financial software and to be at the top of the list of firms invited to tender for major project.