László Földesy


László is one of the owners of Dorsum. He had been following Dorsum since its foundation, but did not stand on the sidelines too long. He joined the company in 1997 when the first successful tender and subsequent contract to deliver the securities account management system for the Hungarian State Treasury started, soon followed by Cashline, Concorde, OTP and Citibank system implementation projects.

While focusing on the development of strong networks in Hungary, as International Business Manager from 2004 to 2009, László targeted new markets and founded subsidiaries in Romania and Bulgaria. The success of these fledgling new markets has built on his concerted efforts to strengthen ties with both existing and prospective clients abroad.

In addition, László is responsible for creating business development strategies in fields outside of the security market.

László, the father of two grown-up daughters, plays an active role in Dorsum’s life; on Family Days he cooks up tons of Gulyás for us and, so we are led to believe, has secret connections to Santa Claus.

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