Imre Rokob

Business Unit Director - Wealth Management Products

Holding a Masters’ Degree in IT and Banking Information from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Imre arrived at Dorsum as a specialist in 2002. He has a long and successful track record of managing several projects in the CEE region, including SK/OTP Bank in Sofia, ING Bank, Citibank, Allianz Bank and Erste Asset Management in Bucharest.

Imre has worked as Project Director of Dorsum Group since 2009 and as Managing Director of Dorsum Romania since 2011. As a project director with a strong IT and financial background, he is responsible for the Project Office which is made up of 6 project managers and more than 30 financial IT experts, with a project delivery of €3m per annum. Through the effective management of expectations and objectives, Imre has built strong relationships with stakeholders in all of our projects. Beyond that, he also provides professional support for sales activities, product development, and the control of high priority integrated projects.

Leveraging his broad experience in brokerage, asset management, wealth management and integration of banking systems he has recently started to supervise product development projects for next generation tablet/smartphone trading and private banking applications.

Imre is known to be a flexible leader, who easily adapts to the ever-changing environment of the financial markets. He appreciates his colleagues and believes in continuous learning, a conviction that he would like to instill in his three small children from an early age.

The criteria for a successful project are: accepted specification, realistic schedule, managed expectations, commitment and at last but not least a good team. Without them all the methodologies are in vain.