Ilona Nádoryné Viga

Business Unit Director - Investment Back-office Products

Ilona was promoted to the position of Business Unit Director in October 2018 after having served as Key Account Director. Her responsibilities are strategic planning of core business growth objectives as well as motivating her team. Her strong leadership skills and high level knowledge of investment services technology will enable Dorsum to deliver the best services to it’s clients in Hungary. Ilona started working in Dorsum as an expert in 2000. Later as project manager she led numerous succesful projects in the field of banking until 2017, such as ones in OTP Bank Ltd, MKB, FHB, MPBSZ, Takarék Bank. Prior to her time in Dorsum, Ilona worked as a key account manager at Keler (Central Clearing House). The married, mother of two likes travelling in her spare time.