Growing interest for Botboarding


CEO Róbert Kő was interviewed by Finovate

Since its debut in February at FinovateEurope, there is a great interest for Botboarding, which is currently in delivery phase for two retail banks. This success confirms us that we are on the right track for recognizing the needs of our clients with delivering effective solutions also in the process of customer acquisition.

In his interview at Finovate blog, Róbert Kő explained among other topics the idea behind the platform, the future plans of Dorsum and the success we have already experienced with Botboarding:

Our chatbot is currently in delivery phase for two retail banks. Despite the legal and IT security barriers it is currently under configuration. Both of the banks wanted the chatbot to generate leads for their best performing mortgage products. These leads are distributed for the ‘users’ every day in a detailed Excel spreadsheet which contains the essence of the communication with the chatbot. The development itself of the functions took only two weeks to cover the business process of the banks. All of the above we have started negotiations with one large Dubai-based company but this stage the details are strictly confidential.”

You can read the whole interview on the Finovate blog.