ClavisPrivateBanking at Unicredit Tiriac Private Banking Romania

UniCredit Tiriac Private Banking is deeply rooted in Romania. The activity began in 2003, as part of the HVB Group and it offers superior investment and financial counseling services to customer with complex banking and investment portfolios.

UniCredit Tiriac Private Banking has several strong points, among which: their counselors experience and a deep knowledge of the markets and of the financial strategies, advantages that allowed UniCredit Tiriac to develop its customer portfolio and the managed assets volume.

Dorsum solution: ClavisPrivateBanking

  • Centralized view of PB customers portfolios / subportfolios
  • Unified reports, analysis of data from multiple sources, export in PDF
  • Assigning portfolio elements to asset categories (e.g. risk rating), currency, geographical, sector exposure
  • Determining daily portfolio value, and saving daily net asset value
  • Net Asset Value (NAV) calculation, including the account and deposit account balances


  • Centralized image of customers’ portfolios
  • Ease of access to data from multiple sources
  • Allows an efficient PB activity management
  • Increase of PB productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Modern technology, secure online access
  • Reports
  • Analysis
  • Visual presentations