We are introducing the OTP SmartBroker project

dorsum client otp bank

OTP Bank has chosen the ClavisTrader product to support the clients mobile trading activity.

The challenge in achieving that requirement was that we had to develop the same functionality and operation as it was in the already existing web-based solution (OTP DirectBroker), while we had to take notice of the specialities of the mobile technologies also. In addition, it had to suit the strict banking IT requirements.

From October 2013 the system is available on Google Play and AppStore; the share and investment units trading is already working in it.


  • ClavisTrader product designed according to the Bank’s needs
  • Mobile channel for the existing oDB customers
  • Integrated solution with the Clavis background system, used in OTP Banktablets
  • Real-time and delayed market data from OTP and portfolio.hu, daily and historical charts, order books
  • Share and investment units trading
  • Portfolio evaluation
  • Rate alerts


OTP SmartBroker product allows you to open a new trading channel for customers, which is essential for a successful business in an information-based society.

Besides it is an effective alternative of the web-based trading.