Portfolio management in ClavisAsset at Fundamenta Lakáskassza Zrt.

After the Generali Alapkezelő and Signal Biztosító, the replacement of the third ITSS system has successfully ended at Fundamenta Lakáskassza Zrt.

Fundamenta Lakáskassza Zrt. started it’s home savings bank activity in 1997 and for today it became one of the biggest credit institution in Hungary in regard to the number of the retail clients. Lots of professional recognition proves – among others fivefold Superbrands and Business Superbrands awards – the company’s commitment to quality.

We were pleased, that we could help Fundamenta to change it’s asset management software and that we could provide an effective method for them. The entire implementation process, learning from the experience of our former projects completed in the originally planned, 6 months.


  • full support of the Backoffice processes (base data registry, account management, settlements, asset valuation, limit calculations, reporting, mandatory reports)
  • register the stock currencies and IFRS securities, booked per item
  • import the ÁKK, the rates on the hungarian capital market website, the MNB prices and the future expected yield datas
  • automatic accounting and transfer into the Fundamenta’s new, unique book keeping system according to the hungarian and IFRS regulations
  • mandatory reports and private proprietorial reports for the parent company
  • risk management module (VAR calculation of the portfolios, stress tests)


  • quick and effective implementation process built on the supplier’s previous experiences
  • the key development needs, related to the former system were implemented in ClavisAsset
  • new tasks were performed, which have become necessary in the light of Fundamenta’s other system changing procedures
  • simpler in-housing report process thanks to the application which can be used by several departments
  • lots of private reports were worked out during the project and the architecture of the system supports other reports’ quick implementation
  • unlike earlier models Clavis can fully manage the books, according to both hungarian and international IFRS rules
  • a configurable and extensible framework provides an opportunity for future expansion and for the installation of new modules and functions
  • after starting the software Dorsum Zrt. continuously follows and modifies the limits, reports and other functions of the product in accordance with the law expectations