ITSS-ClavisAsset migration at Generali Alapkezelő

At Generali Alapkezelő Zrt., an asset manager with one of Hungary’s largest assets under management, the replacement of the proprietary ITSS backoffice system started in July 2008. The deployed ClavisAsset system provides the asset management backoffice software support.


  • Full support of backoffice processes (basic data registration, account management settlement, asset valuation, limit calculation, reporting architecture, mandatory reporting)
  • Bloomberg, custodian files, Government Debt Management Agency and Hungarian capital market site currencies and market data imports
  • Automatic interfaces and FTP upload towards external systems (website, data warehouse, Synpac, TeleCenter)
  • Automatic file interface towards Unicredit custodian (Spectra)
  • Automatic accounting and dispatch into the SAP system by Hungarian and international (IFRS) regulations


  • During ITSS and ClavisAsset migration the cleaning of historical data has been done.
  • Compared to the previous ITSS management system the new and automated ClavisAsset functions help increase the efficiency of the asset management
  • With the help of the system we have substituted the paper-based communication between frontoffice and backoffice.
  • During the project numerous individual report has been implemented, and the system’s architecture supports fast implementation of other reports.In contrary to the previous solution, Clavis fully manages booking by all hungarian and international IFRS regulations.
  • The parameterizable and upgradeable framework opens up opportunities for future upgrades, new module and function implementation.
  • After implementation Dorsum Ltd. continuously maintains and develops system limits, valuations and mandatory reports according to the laws.