ClavisAsset at Erste Asset Management

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Erste Asset Management is a company which manages open-end funds and individual portfolios of investments. ClavisAsset was implemented in 2007 and since then it has grown along with the ever-changing business needs. Each year of business brought new modules and functionalities to Clavis, as the business was also growing, requiring new markets and transaction support, special reports and new data import features.


  • Full support of Back Office processes (basic data registration, account management, settlements, asset valuation, reporting, mandatory reporting);
  • Management of open-end funds and clients’ portfolios of investments;
  • Analytical management of investor’s data, transactions and reports (until 2010 – currently managed by a dedicated Front Office application called ClavisBranch);
  • Various data imports (market prices: shares daily closing/average prices, exchange rates, interest rates, forward points, etc.);
  • A broad spectrum of covered asset types (e.g., deposits, shares, bonds, futures, options, REPO and alike, Forward, Swap, FX Deals, free shares, rights, etc.);
  • Powerful engine for tracking money amounts not settled (receivable or payable) and for tracking dues calculations and payments (example of fees: management, audit, settlement, transfer, bank commissions, custody, depository, CNVM, etc.);
  • Powerful valuation engine which allows storing historical data in all its details, multiple evaluation methods, highly customizable and exact;
  • Risk Management Module (VAR calculation, duration, modified duration, portfolio performance and other indicators)
    Automatic accounting and dispatch into the SAP system by Romanian and international (IFRS) regulations, or even custom/internal regulations.


  • Multifaceted application, filling the needs of each department (e.g., Back Office, Front Office, Investment, Audit and controlling, etc.);
  • Efficient use by importing as much data as possible, automating transaction processing tasks, and portfolio valuation steps;
  • Highly customizable from user screens to the primary workflow scenarios, including custom account movements, 4-eye principle, prerequisites check, day closing tasks, etc.;
  • Highly modular and scalable application, allowing new business needs to find a quick, but long-term, solution.