CEE Trader at CEE Stock Exchange Group

dorsum client cee stock exchange

After winning the tender of the Vienna Stock Exchange for a new Xetra front-end trading terminal software, on 18 June 2013, Dorsum Ltd. and Infront AS, signed the contract with Wiener Börse to deliver a default/backup stock exchange trading terminal for the whole CEESEG group. The joint solution includes Infront terminal and the related server architecture.


Wiener Börse AG was founded in 1771, and since then has operated the Vienna Stock Exchange, one of the oldest stock exchanges in the world. The Vienna Stock Exchange is the initiator and, just like the exchanges of Budapest, Ljubljana and Prague, a subsidiary of, the CEE Stock Exchange Group (CEESEG), the largest exchange group in Central and Eastern Europe.”

Fully meeting the requirements of the CEE Stock Exchange Group and with a project turnaround time of approximately 6 months, CEE Trader was rolled out to members on PSE and WBAG in October 2013, and to members of BSE and LJSE at the end of 2013 / early 2014.


  • CEE Trader (white-label Infront Terminal version)
  • Dorsum TradingServers with CEESEG FIX connectors to Xetra
  • Infront market data feed architecture with EnBS, ADH and CEESEG FIX connectors to Xetra
  • Easy-to-use server-side administration module


CEE Trader is an electronic trading platform with world-wide references that gives users the flexibility to combine deep and broad content with powerful front-end functionality. With its modern user interface, easy-to-use functions and multi-market support, it is one of the best choice for brokerage companies.

Dorsum is proud of providing the integration to FIX architecture, server side developments. Besides Dorsum project management ensured the reliability, performance and stability of the complete system and on time delivery.

Moreover, TradingServers – the implemented server side – has all the essential features that are needed by stock exchanges. It is secure, reliable and extensible. Regarding market data our intention was to provide the quickest and most holistic data. The solution allows of using EnBS data with even 20 levels in the order book. Besides basic trading functionality CEE Trader will also support manual quotation from the beginning of 2014.