Corvinus Research Week – Joint presentation by Dorsum, Corvinus University and Net Media about project 2018-1.3.1-VKE-2018-00007

Our CTO, Peter Sallai, participated in the Corvinus Research Week event held by Corvinus University in June. He gave a presentation about the role of Dorsum in the project 2018-1.3.1-VKE-2018-00007, highlighting our joint achievements with Corvinus and Net Média Ltd.

The goal of the project was to develop a widely accessible, complex automated service that would make domestic and international financial products and services more controllable, transparent, and comprehensible than they are currently. Over the past year, we’ve witnessed such rapid advancements in artificial intelligence that it was time to review the project’s outcomes, understand the current state of the technology, and outline future opportunities.

“Research Week” has become a tradition at Budapest Corvinus University: it takes place at the end of each semester, in January and June. The five-day event includes workshops, research-related training sessions, presentations by invited guests, and a variety of programs for those interested.

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