Digital Assets, Business Consulting and strategic partnerships – Dorsum Club Spring, 2023

Our first Dorsum Club of 2023 once again took place at Costes Downtown and as usual, we brought together Dorsum colleagues and Dorsum customers for an eventful evening of learning, networking and dining.

Dorsum’s CEO, Mariann Mészáros started the evening off with her first experiences with Dorsum and its approach to software development, business analysis and innovation. It is her strong belief, that vendors must work as close partners with their clients to achieve great results, similar to how HR Partners find better employees than general recruiters by understanding the business needs first.

Bálint Fischer continued with his thoughts on the new EU regulations in the digital asset space, including new business opportunities and the risks and rewards of entering a new space.

Finally, György Somogyi concluded by showcasing a couple of real-life case studies of the most recent successful projects of Dorsum’s Business Consulting branch.

After the presentations the participants had the chance to discuss the topics mentioned above while enjoying the miniature versions of Costes Downtown’s tasting menu and some excellent wines.

We hope to see all our partners in the Fall for our Autumn event as we have some surprises in store!

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