Welcome party for the new Dorsum interns

welcoming the new Dorsum interns

Last month, we welcomed 24 new interns to the Dorsum team. They are the ones who have successfully passed our selection process and who will have the opportunity to get to know our colleagues and work on our biggest projects. Some of them may even become leaders at Dorsum in the future which has happened several times before.

The first part of our process is the so-called Assessment Center selection, which includes a phone interview, followed by a written task. Those who complete these successfully enter the next phase, where they can demonstrate their personal competencies through complex but entertaining problem-solving tasks and situational exercises.

After this, the lucky chosen ones start a multi-week training where they not only learn about financials, investment, and development basics but also about Dorsum’s products and services. The training then ends with an exam, and those who pass are admitted to the company and will have the help of a Dorsum mentor in the first months.

Our internship program has been operating successfully for decades, and this year we were able to extend it to our foreign subsidiaries as well.

We would like to thank Ilona Nádoryné Viga, SSP Business Unit Director in particular for spearheading the program, managing the trainees, making every newcomer feel welcome, and for being an outstanding host throughout the initiation celebration.

We shared a fantastic evening together, we’ll let’s let the pictures speak for themselves.

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