Dorsum receives “Best Managed Company” award from Deloitte. Private

The Best Managed Companies programme is the leading business mentoring program of the global Deloitte Private, which has been recognizing the excellence of local privately owned companies for 30 years in 40 countries. The independent jury awarded Hungarian companies for the first time this year. The basic criteria for recognition:

  • majority shares must be directly or indirectly owned by Hungarian individuals
  • their annual income must reach a minimum of €20 million
  • the company has to have been operating for at least 5 years
  • 50 full-time employee minimum

The Czech and Polish Deloitte have been organizing the program for years (the Czech subsidiary of Alza is among their prize winners). The award ceremony of the first Hungarian Best Managed Companies – Excellently Managed Companies program took place on November 17th at the Museum of Fine Arts. The trying events of the past period, rising energy prices, and high inflation put the every company companies to the test. The awarded finalist companies managed the pressure from several sides with an appropriate corporate management strategy and were able to maintain their market position even in the unfavorable economic environment.

As for Dorsum, we participated in multiple workshops and a tender process covering our company’s operations from top to bottom to qualify for the award. We were therefore happy and proud to learn that Deloitte’s jury of exceptional market experts officially recognized Dorsum as one of 2022’s Best Managed Companies. We’re honoured to have been among the firsts in Hungary to win, especially as we’re the only fintech company among the selected winners. It’s immensely satisfying to see our efforts and successes recognized by external experts as well.

Gábor Kóka, the leading partner of Deloitte Private’s Central European region, told Portfolio that companies applying for the program will participate in a business mentoring program during which Deloitte’s leading experts highlight the company’s strengths and potential points to be developed to support and further develop the business operations of enterprises.

A video summary of the event can be viewed by clicking here.

Source: Net Media Zrt.

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