Increasing efficiency with client portals – F10 & Dorsum joint event

At this event, Dorsum presented its Client Portal to the Swiss audience in Zurich, organized by F10. Sarasin & Partners LLP, a wealth management company based in London has been invited as a guest speaker.

The evening kicked off with Hadley Simons, COO for Client Affairs, and Thomas Morley, Programme Manager introducing Sarasin & Partners, a leading specialist investment management company, which manages assets of £18,6 billion.

In their presentation Hadley & Thomas discussed what drove the demand for a new client portal in their case.

  • Change was needed; / moving their shopfront online & the COVID factor
  • Client demand for a more positive onboarding experience; / making joining them easier
  • Electronic client communication; / more secure & cheaper
  • Introducing new proposition for younger clients

The project’s phase one is now live, which benefited Sarasin with a high increase in client engagement and insights into client behavior through user interactions with the portal. As an added benefit, the portal’s paperless communication features contribute to the company’s sustainability goals while adhering to relevant requirements on consumer duty.

Afterwards, Ákos Szalay, Head of Product – Wealth Portal presented Dorsum’s approach to the Sarasin Client Portal Project;

  • Wealth managers do not need to challenge tech companies, but they should take a page from their book on innovation.
  • The majority of successful tech companies started with quite a limited scope of functionalities. This MVP (minimal viable product) allowed them to have a quicker, less complex resource intensive launch by only including the most essential functionalities.
  • Dorsum’s client portal recipe
    • First, specify your MVP and focus on the most important functionalities.
    • second, go to market as soon as possible
    • third, add basic data analytics capabilities and listen to client’s feedback
    • fourth is constantly extending your roadmap based on external and internal feedback.

According to Sarasin & Partners, managing a good relationship with Dorsum is based on strong governance, growing track record of delivery success, and finally, trust.

We wish to thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their support with the event.

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