Mariann Mészáros is Dorsum’s new CEO, Róbert Kő will continue to manage the company as chairman of the board

Dorsum has gone through rapid and substantial growth in the past couple of years, expanding from a Hungarian SME software company into one of the key WealthTech players in Europe with 80 clients in 10 countries. This expansion had its fair share of challenges, but the company was always able to adapt quickly and overcome these potential roadblocks successfully.

The company’s size and its strategic goals made it essential to re-think our current management structure. Evaluating our position and finding the correct solutions to go forward was a long process in the life of Dorsum, and we have now reached our next key milestone: the position of chairman and CEO will be split in two from November 2022.

Róbert Kő, our former CEO and chairman will continue to lead the company as chairman of the board. His focus will be to support and follow our UK and Swiss business development operations more closely, and to work on strengthening the market positions of our subsidiaries. At the same time the position of CEO will be taken over by Mariann Mészáros, a brilliant professional from Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions.

Mariann has decades of experience both in business and HR director positions and will take over the daily operational duties of the group as CEO. Mariann steps into Dorsum’s community and upper management as the perfect person to lead the company forward along the same values we have always represented. We also know that Mariann will add to Dorsum’s management the professional and organisational insights that are necessary for our further growth and advancement.

Read Mariann’s short professional bio here.

Read an in-depth interview with Mariann and Robert on (English translation coming soon).

Mariann, welcome to Dorsum! Together we’ll go further than ever before. 🚀

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Dorsum is proud to benefit from the European Commission’s Brexit Adjusment Reserve.
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