Dorsum at the 14th Richmond Finance Summit

Dorsum attended the 14th Richmond Finance Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland on 6-7th October. This unique event was designed for the key decision-makers and supplier companies of the wealth management and investment industry. Pre-scheduled one-to-one business meetings and an outstanding conference programme allowed participants to discover new trends and possibilities.

The event was a great success for all concerned. We wanted to share the summary of Ádám Fáth, Business Development Manager who put it like this, along with some excellent photos:

“Apart from the constant learning and networking opportunities, travelling to new places has other advantages: experiencing new cities, enjoying beautiful places and finding joy in small details of the world, like when a little sparrow tries to join you for a drink. Thanks to Richmond Events SwitzerlandDorsum | Investment Software for these few days in Lousanne! #investment #software #learning #opportunities #lousanne”

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