Dorsum Club Budapest May 12, 2022 (Hungarian content)

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At our spring Dorsum Club, Dorsum’s traditional Hungarian event dealing with investment and private banking topics, Ákos Szalay (Head of Product – Wealth Portal) presented the company’s success story in London. After the presentation, the event was followed by a panel discussion, where the participants discussed the SRD II regulation affecting the capital market participants. The participants of the panel discussion were Gábor Szentpéteri (KELER – Product Manager), Anita Kövesdi (Dorsum – Account Manager) and Judit Zsigmond (K&H Bank Zrt. – Head of Investment Product Management).

Dorsum also shared key findings about communication preferences between clients and advisers, including automated chats with bots, citing Hungarian language versions as an example of the importance of having multiple languages for a bot when dealing with a large international client base (as part of tender 2018-1.1.2-KFI-2018-00006, “Hungarian language recognition, comprehension and reproduction as a chatbot service on multiple platforms”).

The most important lessons of the evening can be read in the Hungarian Portfolio article or the whole panel discussion can be listened to in a podcast format.



Project 2018-1.1.2-KFI-2018-00006 has been realised with the support of the Ministery of Innovation and Technology’s Research and Innovation Fund, through the 2018-1.1.2-KFI tender programme.

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