Intuitive ESG metrics as your new USP – on demand webinar

esg webinar_

See actionable insights from Refinitiv’s data experts and Dorsum’s latest client project presented by Barnabás Ács (Refinitiv) and Dániel Varga (Dorsum).

In just 30 minutes you will learn:

From Refinitiv:

✔ Is an ESG score enough to assess a company’s sustainability performance?
✔ How to quickly assess portfolios and companies?
✔ What does digitalisation offer when it comes to ESG data?
✔ Is ESG data really that infrequent?

From Dorsum:

– What keeps clients from investing in ESG and what they expect from advisors
– Why digitalisation and ESG integration are essential for any new client offering
– How Dorsum solved this challenge


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