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We hear more and more that there is a new technology that will, of course, once again completely transform our everyday lives and change everything in the digital space. But what is blockchain and why is there so much fuss around it? Will our data really be stored securely in a wallet and will property registers be transparent? Will the NFT craze, which exploded into the public consciousness in 2021 with a volume of $20 billion, continue to intensify, and will we really tokenize everything? Will the web 3.0 make banks disappear?

Let me start at the end. The real significance of blockchain technology may be that it eliminates the current system, which is often very inefficient, requiring all players involved in the commercial, social or societal process to keep their own records, be it a paper certificate, a printed e-mail, an excel spreadsheet or a separate database. It is easy to see that this can cause problems in several respects, either in terms of data quality, time lags, incompatibilities between different platforms, or unnecessary duplication of resources and costs.

While the other markets are getting to know the technology, it has already caused a complete upheaval in the financial industries. On the list showing the market capitalization of the world’s largest companies, the combined capitalization of the two giant cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, surpasses Tesla’s $1,000 billion not to mention Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google. I believe that the financial and investment impact of cryptocurrencies based on blockchain is unquestionable.

Dorsum has played a significant role in recent years with software solutions that modernize investment markets. We are living in a market where blockchain is already having a big impact and this is only the smoke, not the flame. In the course of our work in recent years, we found that the attention and interest in blockchain technology is growing steadily in the financial and investment markets. There are several reasons for this, two of which I would like to highlight:

  1. The investor and securities markets are constantly growing, newer and newer projects are developing, and more and more solutions are creating complex capital raising, the volume of which is constantly increasing.
  2. The upcoming generations are increasingly turning to crypto trading, which is based on precisely this technology, forcing banks and investment service providers to address the issue. I believe that it is worth listening to the customers, as a significant portion of market changes and therefore the development as well is generated by users themselves!

Blockchain is not a goal but a tool. Blockchain is a technology that opens the door to a universe that allows completely new services to be developed. This, however, must be done. With the solutions it develops, Dorsum aims to give its partners the tools they need to move easily into this new world and provide services that meet the needs of their customers in a simple, efficient way.

Come and explore this world with us! In the next parts of our series, we will show in simple, everyday language why blockchain technology is capable of changing a lot and how we envision the services of the future in the universe of digitized tokens.

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