Dorsum’s Wealth Portal is among the best at the inaugural Fintech Finance awards!

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For the first time ever, Fintech Finance, the industry-leading news site and community hub in the UK and around the world, launched a new, award worthy distinction for fintech companies, called FF – Wow moments. The organizers simply wanted to see a wow moment; something that makes people in the industry get excited about, something that they would show to casual friends … and even they’d go “WOW!”.

The entry format was a video with a maximum run time of 4 minutes, and all participants needed to show enough information that the judges could give it a defined mark out of ten.

Through the award process 50 top tier judges and 1500 community judges gave their votes on more than 170 entries. In total they had over 200 hours of video entries watched, over 5,000 votes cast.

Dorsum entered the awards with its Wealth Portal app within the “Wow moment in growing your wealth” category. The solution is a client facing wealth management mobile app which is an inclusive platform that opens investment opportunities formerly tied to HNWI and UHNWI clients thanks to its Easy Invest mode.

Thanks to the judges and the supportive community of enthusiastic followers, we’ve received enough votes to be a finalist at the inaugural Fintech Finance Awards! We are grateful for our clients and our community at large for the support! We’ll be sure to enter in 2022 as well, hoping to see our peers at the awards ceremony in person.

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