Dorsum became a member of Hungary’s Outstanding Exporter Partnership Programme

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Being an open and export-oriented economy, Hungary has one of the highest export-to-GDP ratios in the world at 83.3 percent. Aiming to build on and further the successes of companies abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary established the Outstanding Exporter Partnership Programme to deepen the cooperation between these key exporting companies, and to establish an internationally recognised group of Hungarian- based multinational corporations.

The members of the Programme represent a broad range of sectors including agriculture, food production, IT, the electronic and the medical industry, among others. They embody a unique blend of tradition and innovation, quality raw materials and cutting-edge solutions.

As the Programme’s name suggests, these businesses have been selected because of their outstanding qualities and experience, and because they serve as innovative and ambitious Hungarian enterprises providing highly competitive products and services. All the companies have Hungarian ownership and provide their products outside the EU as well.

This group of export ready Hungarian firms exemplify creativity, inventiveness, respect for tradition and an entrepreneurial attitude towards gaining a footing and broadening their networks in foreign markets. The additional aim of the Programme is to increase Hungary’s reputation in the international markets.

It is our firm conviction that Dorsum as one of these companies can lead by example and provide inspiration and useful experience to other Hungarian ventures on how to establish and expand their export activities. Among the selected companies Dorsum is the only one providing IT solutions and the only company within the field of the financial industry.

Thanks to the Programme we had the chance to meet with all the relevant representatives of the Hungarian embassies around the world, built and strengthened personal connections that help us in business development in the short and in the long run as well. The extensive and comprehensive knowledge of the embassies can support our international growth in many ways such as providing information on best practices regarding potential foreign subsidiaries, cultural differences, market information and new business opportunities.

Our international network has basically doubled with the help of István Joó’s (Deputy State Secretary for Export Development Hungary) team and initiative. We are thankful for their support as it’s quickly became clear that this Programme is not just for show – the people working behind the scenes are really dedicated to widening the members’ field of opportunities to find new and mutually valuable international business connections.

On Dorsum’s side our Business Development Manager, Ádám Fáth is greatly involved in the activities of the Programme who held an introductory presentation at the inaugural meeting. Since the inauguration Ádám received numerous invitations to present Dorsum’s solutions in multiple countries, so we are already starting to see the first fruits of this cooperation.

We’re convinced that we will have many more opportunities next year to strengthen our international presence with the help of the Outstanding Exporters Programme.

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