Dorsum Club Budapest October 5, 2021 (Hungarian content)

dorsum klub_2021

After last year’s online meetings, the Dorsum Club is finally back in its usual form this year. According to tradition, the event was held at the Costes Downtown restaurant. With the help of our Head of Business Excellence Competence Center, György Somogyi, our guests were able to learn more about the future of ESG investments through the presentation of a specific client case study. We also hosted our usual round table discussion, in which this time Péter Fáykiss (MNB), Bálint Fischer (Dorsum), Miklós Kardos (BÉT) and Gábor Szentpéteri (KELER) discussed the implementation possibilities of blockchain in large banks and capital markets.

The most important lessons of the evening can be read in the Portfolio summary article or the entire conversation can be listened to on YouTube.

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