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Dorsum is attending the Portfolio Investment, Wealth and Savings (IWS) 2020 conference on 10th March in the Marriott Hotel, Budapest Hungary. The morning programme of the conference features several renowned domestic and foreign asset managers and market professionals who will offer investment professionals, private banking consultants and sales personnel a few guidelines on the 2020 investment, wealth management and savings trends, and also on what to invest in if the global economy enters a recession and what to do in a continued bull market. In the afternoon section of the event, the presenters will seek to answer what future sales trends will be; how customer satisfaction can be increased; what new products can help increase the profit margins of fund managers, private banks and other players in the investment and savings market; and also what investments can offer viable alternatives to retail government securities. There will be a special focus on ESG and thematic investments. From Dorsum, Anita Kövesdi, Account manager will hold a presentation in which she will focus on digitalisation at private banks and fund managers.

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