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See the experts of Dorsum in person and check out our guide to the most important fintech events of the season!

Summer is over, and the conference season is about to shift into high gear. The best way to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments in the fintech field (and the investment market in particular) is to attend the biggest community events featuring the brightest professionals the industry has to offer. We at Dorsum not only attend these conferences, but frequently share our expert opinion on stage about the shape of the industry and our expectations for the future. If you’re having trouble deciding on which events to attend, allow us to give you some suggestions. These are the biggest upcoming events where you can catch up with us in person:

Domestic (Hungarian) Events

internet hungary

Internet Hungary

Date: 1-2 October, 2019

Place: Siófok, Hotel Azúr

Dorsum’s topic and presenter: Gamification in investment; Bálint Fischer

This will be the 20th anniversary of the conference, which will host 2400-2600 participants over two days at the Hotel Azúr in Siófok. Participants come from every field including the commercial sector (talking about e-commerce), the financial sector and FMCG companies along with marketing, sales and communication professionals (advisors, consultants as well as agencies). As always, the event will host many international speakers along with what the best of what Hungary has to offer.

Dorsum’s Head of innovation will speak about gamification in the investment space. The goal of the presentation is to offer examples of the positive behaviour gaming can promote (geared towards savings and investments), and demonstrate gow gamified systems can educate the masses, turning them into more savvy investors, not afraid of using their money.

self-reliance conference

Self-Reliance Conference 2019 (Öngondoskodás 2019)

Date: 1 October, 2019

Place: Mariott Hotel, Budapest

Dorsum’s topic and presenter: Better catering to premium clients in the digital space; Bálint Fischer

This year brings us to the ninth Portfolio Self-reliance Conference, which covers the hottest topics in self-reliance and savings. The event will seek to answer a number of questions, including what opportunities are available for self-reliance in the domestic market, what hurdles one should look out for in the investment market, what self-reliance products banks and insurers are putting on the market, where will the squeezing effect of retail government securities end, or what investments are attracting wealthy clients. All of the above are exciting questions, which will be answered at the conference by prominent leaders of the finance sector and players in the savings market.

Dorsum will speak about ways to better serve the premium banking clients in the digital space by giving an overview of how the industry has changed in the past decades, as well as providing some concrete examples of the shift towards digital services.

cfa cee investment conference

VIII. Central and Eastern European (CEE) Regional Investment Conference

Date: 4 October, 2019

Place: Pesti Vigadó, Budapest

Dorsum’s topic and presenter: Alternative investment philosophies; Bálint Fischer

The CEE Regional Investment Conference is the top investment industry event in Hungary, organized and hosted by CFA Society Hungary with support from CFA Institute. This one-day forum will feature two key-note speeches and several presentations and panel discussions with notable speakers aiming to deliver opinions and perspectives on the current state and way forward in the CEE. region. The conference will be a productive platform to gain new insights, shape new investment ideas, strengthen collaborative efforts, and create unique networking opportunities.

Dorsum will be talking about how a new generation of investors are bringing new thinking and new points of view to decades old investment strategies and philosophies. Environmental Social Governance based investing will be covered in particular.


10. Infotér Conference

Date: 15-17 October, 2019

Place: Anna Grand Hotel, Balatonfüred

Dorsum’s topic and presenter: AI technologies in the investment market; Bálint Fischer

The Infotér Conference has been dubbed the “celebration of information technologies”. It has topped attendance records last year. This year the presentations will be even more varied, in a luxurious environment, and an exclusive atmosphere.

Dorsum will participate in a roundtable discussion about artificial intelligence in the financial and investment market. Everything will be discussed from chatbots to robo-advisors and beyond.

banking technology

Portfolio Banking Technology 2019

Date: 14 November, 2019

Place: Europa Congress Center, Budapest

Dorsum’s topic and presenter: Serving the next generation of investors in practice; Imre Rokob and Ákos Szalay

This will be the fourth Banking Technology conference, one of the most prominent intellectual workshops of the banking and IT sectors and fintech companies. This year’s event will focus on the digital transition of banks and the major business and technological development paths taken by the sector. One of the big questions of the year is whether banks’ IT departments, already overworked due to the planned introduction of the instant transfer system in July, will have sufficient energy, time and money left to also come up with new payment methods? The fintech ecosystem is developing nicely in Hungary, with a number of successful startups either supporting or disrupting the banking market. Who will be the winners?

Dorsum will forego a traditional presentation with slides and will instead have a live demonstration of the B2B as well as B2C investment products offered to illustrate an optimal way of serving the needs of the next generation of investors. The products demonstrated include Dorsum’s award winning Wealth Platform as well as the new My Wealth (Wealth Portal) premium mobile application.


Check back in a couple of days for live, covering the international conferences and events Dorsum will be attending in the Fall of 2019. See you soon!

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