Mood Mu$ic – My Wealth (Wealth Portal) and Bálint Fischer in the Fintech Finance Magazine


Dorsum has been featured again in one of the most important international Fintech magazines, Fintech Finance. An interview with our Head of Innovation, Bálint Fischer has been published in the January issue of the magazine. Fischer introduces our brand new Wealth Management mobile app, My Wealth (Wealth Portal), and how it serves “New Type” of investors with the hybrid advisory model. As Fischer summarizes: “I believe it’s a unique solution because it merges traditional and digital advisory services into a more influential hybrid model. Clients can chat with self-learning, AI-driven chatbots and receive portfolio-related notifications and news, but they can also initiate chat conversations with their financial advisor and organize meetings and calls with them”. With this feature, the platform doesn’t just help investors and clients, it also provides unparalleled insights for financial advisors. An average private banker will have 50 to 100 clients and Dorsum’s investment ecosystem enables them to see all relevant client data in one place, with the additional data collected by chatbots that enables a more established advice. In fact, Fischer boasts that thanks to My Wealth it has “never been easier for financial advisors to stay in contact with their clients.” If you are interested in the topic, please read the entire article here.



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