Clavis implementation for Takarék

At the beginning of 2019, Dorsum Zrt. successfully completed the implementation of Takarék Group’s new integrated securities account management system. After the integration of the Takarék Kereskedelmi Bank (formerly FHB) into the Takarék Group, it became necessary to standardize the existing systems. As Dorsum Zrt. has already delivered Clavis, a securities management system to both parties, the management of Takarékbank Zrt. has decided to entrust Dorsum Zrt. The companies have been cooperating with Takarék KereskedelmiBank for about 10 years, while the Magyar Takarékszövetkezeti Bank Zrt. (MTB) and its legal predecessors have been cooperating for about 20 years.

The project required the unification of three existing legacy systems, which created an integrated C4 Clavis system for all members of the group by early 2019. The new integrated system will serve the entire investment services business of the group through dedicated 750 cooperative branches and through electronic channels. The system manages approximately 3,000 clerks and more than 120,000 clients using investment services at the Group. Out of the many transformations, the system has completely redesigned the external interfaces and the OMS application used by the Treasury,  a new futures module isimplemented and the transaction processes used in the system are unified . The value of the result achieved in the project is made especially important by the fact that for the first time in the Takarék group, an integrated system was established for investment services, where all clients are served in a single system.

According to Róbert Farkas, Managing Director of Takarékbank, “As a result of the project, Takarékbank has today the best securities account management system in Hungary.”


Ilona Nádoryné Viga, Business Director, Dorsum HU Business, “The project was challenging, but the end result speaks for itself, we are very pleased to have created such a unique, complex system for the group.”


A sajtóközlemény magyar verziója elérhető itt.

Magyar Takarékszövetkezeti Bank:

MTB Zrt., as the central bank, maintains its role as a management and holding center within the Takarék Group. MTB Zrt. Focuses on all central banking activities beyond the management functions which, according to the Integration Act, are the responsibility of the central bank. This is where the subsidiaries, investments, whether leasing, factoring, fund management, receivables management or real estate management are concentrated. Ownership of these rights remains with MTB Zrt. In addition, MTB Zrt. it acts as a central bank: on the one hand, it functions as a clearing house within the group, so the GIRO turnover of the savings is channeled through MTB Zrt. On the other hand, MTB performs credit card distribution. Thirdly, italso retains investment services. Savings cooperatives are the agents of MTB Zrt.


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