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On March 21st Dorsum, investment software provider has been granted with the SME TOP 100 Silver Award in the Service Providers Category, which means that the company proved to be second best among all Hungarian SME companies in its category.

The SME TOP 100, the “Best of the Engines of the Economy” conference series and award ceremony are the most outstanding platform for small and medium-sized companies in Hungary. The aim of the platform is to give the recognition and help for the SMEs that they deserve because they can drive the economy best. The award gives the recognition the companies deserve, and the conference series and events provide timely and targeted information which every SME need.

Winning an award means that the winner is a key player in the market, reliable, stable, dynamically growing and has high productivity. This certificate is special on the Hungarian market because it can’t be purchased – this is an independent professional award based on clear business results.

When compiling the SME TOP 100 list in each category, the methodology is determining the credibility. Opten Kft., The professional partner of the SME TOP100 Award and Conference Series, carried out the appropriate filtering and analysis in the company database which forms the basis of its services.

Dorsum was awarded “Second Best” in the Service Providers Category. This is the first time that the company has been granted with this very special award which recognizes the activity of the whole company.

László Földesy, Partner at Dorsum added while accepting this award: “With our products, we have won several awards, but this prize rewards the entire company, Dorsum and its 25 years of experience and existence. I believe that this is a great honor for us to be one of the top three companies in our sector in Hungary. We hope we can keep this prestigious position in the future.”

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