Money20/20, Europe’s biggest fintech stage kicked off on June 4, where we presented My Wealth (Wealth Portal)our brand-new wealth management app. It’s not common for Hungarian fintech companies to be able to represent themselves on events of this magnitude. It was an honor and privilege to be a part and an amazing experience to set foot on stage and present our newest solution, which we have been tirelessly working on in our innovation lab for the past few months

Dorsum regularly attends Finovate, Seamless and other large conferences from London to Dubai, but with 5000+ attendees from 85 countries, Money20/20 was clearly in the race for our biggest one yet. We only realized the true scale of the event upon arrival to the venue: we were greeted by 7 stages, countless booths and all the world’s biggest banks, credit card and fintech companies, challenging each other on having the fanciest booths and the coolest promotional giveaways.

On Monday after arrival we were ready to show the coolest wealth management app of the universe 😊. Everything went according to plan – we stepped on stage just a bit after 4. We started with a short market outlook, followed by the proud unveiling of our newest innovation with a live demo. We presented the unique chat & notification functions of My Wealth that provides a seamless connection between the bank and their clients. We also introduced our easy invest solution that makes complex trades and rebalancing easier than ever. At the end of our presentation we introduced the icing on the cake in My Wealth: a gamification and achievement system that grants a new level of client engagement.  The reaction was noticeably positive, we had numerous guests in the following days, looking to get a deeper understanding of our solution.

There was no time off from the super intensive and inspirational frenzy: our booth had a constant stream of curious guests with interesting questions and feedbacks. We had several fascinating conversations and exchanged ideas with some great minds to help us guide our next development steps after our return. We learned a lot from the people we met, and I believe we have sparked some appealing thoughts in the minds of other fintech companies and banks.

Luckily, we had some time to look around besides our compelling talks. What came as a surprise to all of us, that the top 3 presences were different from past years. PSD2 and payment subjects took the lead without a doubt, followed by crypto topics and fintech solutions regarding authentication and compliance issues. Also, while walking around the venue and chatting with a wide variety of fintech companies from around the world, we had the chance to enjoy the extremely creative and entertaining ideas of the organizers.

Let’s not forget to mention the astonishing and flashy presentations which were constantly following each other on 7 stages. It wasn’t easy to decide which show to attend when “Blockchain – The real use cases”, “The new digital way of private banking” and “How to build a startup within your organization” were on simultaneously. Every stage was a separate mini-world with its own topics and ambience. The Big Top Stage was undoubtably the ace of spades, where the show could’ve competed with any Hollywood venue.

The organizers certainly did a great job with the evening events too. The weekend before the conference, Amsterdam gave home to an international street food festival, which our organizers hired out on Monday for an extra day for the visitors of Money20/20. It was an amazing feeling to see the fintech community from all around the world invade the stands of the street food festival, sample the cuisine of different nations, and talk about the future of finance and everyday stuff by a few beers.

It was a great experience to be a part of Money20/20 experience, get an insight into the fintech revolution, and to show the world that a Hungary based fintech company with 300 employees can present solutions that we believe will bring a new direction to the investment and wealth management scene.

The Dorsum My Wealth has taken its first important steps, but the story has just started, and we hope many of you will join us on this exciting journey. We will soon publish our white paper in a tighly related topic, where we concluded how we view the present and the future of the investment and wealth management market.

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